Sunday, 4 June 2017

Go Go Go!

Well the early rumours were apparently true and 8th edition for 40k is now available for preorder. And yes I've preordered it myself... but not via GW. I quite liked the look of the collectors edition but upon finding its £250 I gave up and got what I wanted cheaper from Darksphere. 

I'm somewhat amused that the "limited" collectors edition is still available this morning from GW despite it being a full 24 hours after it went live. Predictably the thing that "sold out" fastest was the objective markers. I don't personally understand why they're so popular and I'd much rather make my own or at least buy cheaper ones but each to their own.

My current hobbying is on hold for a few months as we're moving house and most of my models are packed up already. A tad annoying when you finally get the itch to paint.... and can't. Ah well.

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