Thursday, 22 September 2016

Undercoating conundrum

I have a problem. Well actually I have many problems but this one involves undercoating models. I have a 2 year old son who loves to be involved in things we do. While this is handy for tidying its not so handy when its things that they cant help with or its dangerous for them to help with.

So I've made up a number of Ork and Space Marines and they're now ready to undercoat... except I can't. Its not due to lack of resources or time but more opportunity. I can't do it while my son is around due to him wanting to help. We live in a tiny rented house so I have to nip outside to use any spray (can or airbrush) and I can't without my son wanting to come outside too. If we had a back garden this wouldn't be a problem but we don't and the chances are he'd run off into the road.

So my models wait for the rare opportunity when he goes out with my wife AND its not raining/humid AND I don't have work to do.... and that hasn't happened yet.

Its no ones fault. Just circumstances.
While I could keep making things I don't want to end up in the "Ive made 2000pts of models and now its all too much to paint so I won't bother" motif.

<steps off soapbox and quietly starts clipping more models off sprues>

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

GW continues to do good

Yeah. I've been really intermittent of late. Its not that I've stopped hobbying but just never found time to blog about it. Doing a masters dissertation probably accounts for a lot of that.

Anyway GW continues to climb in my good books. Firstly the re-launch of White Dwarf. Finally ditching the frankly weakly issue (see what I did there?) and returning to not only a monthly format but a content crammed format too. Chock full of news, battle reports, painting guides and even articles for the currently available "specialist" games such as Deathwatch and Warhammer Quest. There's even a free mini on the cover (which is AoS chaos and therefore of no interest to me but the thought is nice).

I'd say this format surpasses the White Dwarves of the distant past, where the thinly disguised heavy marketing meant that any new release would always win the battle report and be the centre of 90% of the content. I sincerely hope it continues in this way.

In other news the Eldar have gone. I couldn't hack the idea of meticulous painting that they deserved so sold the lot and picked up a mix of orks and space marines instead. I'd forgotten how much fun customising ork models is and the marines enable me to have a second force on standby and scratch my fluff itch. I've been driving my wife spare with trying to work out which chapter they should be tho.

I also did some airbrushing. It was a lot easier than I thought although cleaning it is a bit of a pain as is getting it all outside at our current tiny abode.