Friday, 6 May 2016

Airbrush Anxiety

Ok. Yes I really need to drop my alliterative titles ;)

So I managed to nab my dads airbrush setup when we were down for Easter. Since then I've been following this incredibly handy guide and acquired the cleaning bits needed as well as the "right" paints, and now all I need to do is do it..... except I haven't yet.

Now this is due to a number of smaller reasons (weather (as theres no indoor space to do this) time etc) but the bigger reason is that I'm scared to do it. This is mostly from a fear of making a balls up of it and wrecking the models which feeds into an anxiety issue I suffer from anyway. Net result is that my pile of "to paint" models is growing and I try not to let it get too big or it feels too much like a chore.

Part of the reason to write this entry is to chivvy myself into action. We will see. Maybe this weekend. .. ;)

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