Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WHQ Silver Tower : sitting on the fence

GW recently announced the release date for Warhammer Quest : Silver Tower. For those not in the know, this is a "re-release" of a game they made back in the late 90s. The older game was fantastic and its one of my genuine regrets that I sold mine (twice - youd think I'd learn).

The premise was simple. You take on the role of an adventurer and dive into dungeons, slaying monsters and grabbing phat loots. What made the game for me was the bits in between the dungeon dives. A thick Adventure book detailed character progression rules and things they coukd do while resting in town. This meant that your character had presence and you genuinely tried yoyr best not to get them killed. The fact the game could be played solo if you wanted meant that no one had to play being the bad guy and you could band up as friends became available.

Copies of that older game trade for £150-300 on ebay and I can't justify dropping that on a game no matter how good.

Fast forward to today and this new game. At this stage there appears to be some significant differences. Firstly its set in the Age of Sigmar universe rather than the old Warhammer world. I can't really comment on whether that's  a bad thing due to not really understanding the new background. AoS and End Times largely passed me by and I've found it difficult to find a summary of the lore changes other than angry rants by not very happy people.
As far as I can tell, the old world is gone (which is a huge shame as I loved the old Warhammer world) and has been replaced by Realms. This seems to be a bit unoriginal given its a staple of Magic:The Gathering and D&D:Forgotten Realms but that just my opinion. As to what this means for the new WHQ, I don’t know as I have no idea how the Realms interact with each other.

The second change appears to be a switch to 2-4 players required. This suggests that someone has to play the bad guy and this is a bit of a flaw. As I mentioned earlier the automatic bad guys meant danger wasn't just the whim of one of your mates  (be that good or bad) but a ststem that didn't care if you got squished. It also meant 2 players could band together for adventures. The details aren't out yet so I'm hoping this is a misunderstanding.

Finally the setting. The original WHQ was set in the old world and adventures ramped up in difficulty from bats and rats to gobbos to orcs and beyond. This time they've set it off against Chaos right off the mark. This then means that your heroes will have to be badass from turn 1 or at least progress very rapidly.

Its no secret that I'm not a fan of Chaos. I find Chaos players are generally odd people and the models and fluff are quite boring. Also we seem to be driving in the Andy "EVERYTHING MUST BE CHAOS" Chambers car for this ride  and I really don't subscribe to that.

So why am I on the fence? I REALLY want to like it. I've been dreaming of a re-release for years and now we finally have one. Indications are that GW intend to support this game with other releases which will only add to its appeal.

But..... Chaos.... and the lack of details about the rpg element make me cautious. I guess we will see.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Airbrush Anxiety

Ok. Yes I really need to drop my alliterative titles ;)

So I managed to nab my dads airbrush setup when we were down for Easter. Since then I've been following this incredibly handy guide and acquired the cleaning bits needed as well as the "right" paints, and now all I need to do is do it..... except I haven't yet.

Now this is due to a number of smaller reasons (weather (as theres no indoor space to do this) time etc) but the bigger reason is that I'm scared to do it. This is mostly from a fear of making a balls up of it and wrecking the models which feeds into an anxiety issue I suffer from anyway. Net result is that my pile of "to paint" models is growing and I try not to let it get too big or it feels too much like a chore.

Part of the reason to write this entry is to chivvy myself into action. We will see. Maybe this weekend. .. ;)