Saturday, 23 April 2016

Kirby buys the farm

Well... he's not dead but thanks to a post over on BoLS lounge some light has been shed on why GW has suddenly started getting it's act together about how they regard their customers.
The story of Kirby (who apparently didn't play any GW products) pushing out Alessio because he said that GW was pricing out kids, explains the heart of the "GW is a super dick" feeling I had a year or two ago. I remember Alessio when he was at GW HQ many years ago and he was a top bloke so the fact he got pushed out for that makes Kirby seem King-douche.
If GW are looking to go back to an affordable hobby for younger players, it would explain the two pricing surprises recently. By this I mean the new Lost Patrol being just £35 and the double knight fest boxed set coming in well under the price of the contents. Both of these would have cost far more in the old regime so it's pleasing to see and bodes well for the future with GW.
Their strategy with Fantasy still remains to be proven but I am genuinely impressed and elated at a return to form by GW.

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