Monday, 11 April 2016

Habits of Others

I acquired some wraithguard the other day from someone on one of the Facebook buy and sell groups. They were made up and a few had been sprayed but I figured I coukd strip the paint. What I hadnt considered was how well made they were.
I guess I'm naive but I assumed most hobbyists bar the newbies clean their models before assembly. By this i mean removing the mould lines and sprue joins. These models had none of that and appeared to be assembled with superglue. I can only assume either the seller was inexperienced, needed the models assembled REALLY quickly or simply didn't care.
I find the later 2 options quite sad as for me thats all part of the wargames experience. The cleaning and assembling of the models into interesting poses is the precursor to painting and tgen the moment of using them in a game can be had. Its akin to savouring the moment. Maybe its the current instant gratification of society that perpetuates this action.
Maybe its also why I got the models for less than half price. .. so I shouldn't complain.

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