Saturday, 9 April 2016

Games Workshop love

Well I certainly didn't think I'd be singing GW's praises any time soon but I've been pleasantly surprised by a recent interaction I had with their customer services. While cleaning up one of my windriders I found that one of the small rear fins fell apart in my hands. On closer inspection it appeared to be a bad moulding and while I could attempt a fine pinning to repair it, I felt it was GW's fault and decided to see what their customer services had to say.

Well I wasn’t expecting much but hoped they would send me the part. The rep told me their parts service no longer runs and asked to see a receipt of the original purchase. I sent him a pdf of it with the note that it wasn't purchased from a GW store. He responded with a note saying that ideally I should go back to the 3rd party seller but that he'd dispatched "a replacement" to me anyway.

Now I was expecting maybe a replacement sprue for that bit.... Today I received a whole new sealed box.... Wow.

I remember GW used to have great customer service and maybe this is a return to form. It certainly makes me feel more positive about buying direct.

Thanks GW for restoring my faith.

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