Sunday, 20 March 2016

KR Conundrum

Do inevitably I've started thinking about storage options for the models. Initially I thought I'd return to KR Multicase for this however upon having a gander over their website it would appear that they're not quite as good as they once were in terms of price.
Actually it was such a shock that I went and checked an old receipt from my first purchase in 2012 and they have increased their prices by about £10 on the basic cases. While they might be good quality this really puts them beyond what I'm prepared to spend for model storage (and let's be honest no one wants to spend more than they have to one something thats not models).

So I've been exploring several options including sourcing my own aluminium case and filling it with foam trays. However I think I may go with Tabletop Tyrants case system. By my calculations something that would cost me £70 with KR would cost me £45 with TT. I've not got the funds yet for this I hasten to add (waiting on some sales of other bits to fund it) but certainly hope to have something in place before we move again in Sept.

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