Saturday, 12 March 2016

A bundle of Eldar

My delivery finally arrived from Cumbria Wargaming Supplies. It took a lot longer than expected but this appears to be due to a website issue meaning orders aren't necessarily sent to the store owner. Bit of an ecommerce flaw. In the end I contacted the owner via Facebook and this was a lot swifter. Would I use them again? Not sure. If you're not in a hurry they are cheaper with free postage over £40. The haphazard nature of conducting business is a bit unnerving but the owner seems pleasant and genuinely does want to help.
It's a toss up between them and Triplehelix but they charge for postage regardless.

So what did I acquire you may ask? 3 x Windrider boxes, 2 Vypers, 2 Wraithlords and one Windrider Farseer. I have a rough (and slightly cheesy) 1000pt list which requires a further 2 boxes of windriders and another Vyper. I also still don't have the codex but have been using... other Internet sources in the meantime XD. There's no money for the other bits yet and I still don't have any transport options (having stupidly sold my KR Multicases a while ago) but that's OK as it's going to take me a while to get this lot together. One thing I do have to do is acquire an airbrush however my dad has one with a compressor that he doesn't (or at least didn't) use so I'm hopefully gonna snag that off him when I see him next.

I still haven't quite decided what paint scheme to use. I like the Iyanden fluff and could really enjoy making a wraith based army, but I think the yellow is a bit too much when assembled on mass. Options here are to either swap the yellow for an entirely different colour or do what I did with my Imperial Fists I painted years ago (see the gallery) and use a more mustard yellow.
Alternatively I do like the Yme-Lok colours but their fluff isn't as evocative for me.

Either way I've got time yet. I've already started on a Vyper which has some interesting challenges for magnetising the weapons. More as and when.

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