Saturday, 27 February 2016

Watching sales

It's quite interesting, watching ebay and Facebook sales trends in wargames. You see a lot of stuff coming and going, prices changing, deals being struck then broken and of course the optimistic collector trying to sell a "collectable".

Trends I've spotted so far:

- 40k sells very well but you're unlikely to make money on your purchase price, even if it's fabulously well painted.

- splitting a large army will get you more sales on Facebook.

- No one wants Age of Sigmar or any Mantic stuff. In fact 40k is pretty much the only mover on Facebook bar a few 8th ed Warhammer.

- Facebook is primarily populated by bargain hunters. If you're wanting top dollar use ebay especially for collectors edition things.

- with that in mind something is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay you for it. Just because you paid £200 for a limited edition art book doesn't mean someone else will.

I've yet to buy anything off Facebook partially because there are rarely any items I want and partially because when there are they are bought very quickly. It strikes me that you can get a lot of the stuff cheaper for new from certain retailers.
I'm currently awaiting delivery from a new one so will report on delivery.

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