Wednesday, 24 February 2016

..... doh

So... you know that plan to not buy GW again?  ..... turns out I am certainly GW's bitch.
It's the background. Simple as. I expect it's probably because I've been reading it and imagining it for over 25 years now, but try as I might I can't get "into" any other background as much as I have the Warhammer / 40k universe.

So more recently  (since last post) I've dabbled in Mantic's Dead zone (but found the fluff very lacking), Flames of War (which although given my interest in the period, just isn't grabbing me) and Dungeons & Dragons (I still enjoy this but getting myself into the Forgotten Realms mindset was a challenge - especially as I keep finding bits I preferred from the Warhammer world).
Lastly I got a small dual army pack of Epic 40k from ebay. This was partly due to downtime on the education course I'm on and wanting to have something to play with my son when he's older, but also from disappointed with a recent Kickstarter project that I was looking forward to. While Age of Tyrants certainly has a good pedigree it's fluff is still a bit weak and most importantly of all.... I only liked a small proportion of the miniatures they offered. The majority just looked crap and I wasn't able to buy 2 starter sets without getting some models I really didn't like. It's a shame really.
Therefore this leads me into my shame..... back to GW. Not entirely sure how it happened but it was probably a link with acquiring Epic. Interestingly my predictions about new Warhammer were partly accurate. I can certainly see the new "pick up a box and play" method working in GWs favour however the community still seems divided and if Facebook sakes groups are anything to go by, it has little resale value (indicating it's not very popular).

So I've been looking at 40k again, now in its 7th edition. I must admit that having missed all the 7th ed intro stuff, it's been a little impenetrable. I've finally worked out that the core rulebook comes with 3 books and only 1 is rules, the rest being art and fluff. Psychics are back in a big way and there are fun things such as data cards and objective cards.

I spent a long while trying to work out what army to pursue this time. I wanted something I'd either not done before or not done in a while. For me the building of the models is part of the enjoyment but some models I've done in the past have been more of a pain than a joy (leman russ's and chimeras spring to mind). This narrowed it down to Nids, Necron, Eldar, Grey Knights & Skitarii. Chaos is always out as I find it very boring.

Nids still don't do it for me. I think it's the whole organic thing. While I liked the Grey Knights fluff they were too similar to Blood Angels which I've done recently. Skitarii looked really interesting but the range of models was too small for any long term project plus I'd read that the high end models require large numbers to be effective and that's rather expensive cash wise.

This left Necrons and Eldar. It then came down to cash cost. Being a poor student again means I had to be frugal. Finding cheap 40k online deals are still a thing was a bonus. Although not as cheap at the Grey Knights (rocking in at about £90 for an effective 1000pts) Eldar won out over Necrons.
I've not played Eldar since Rogue Trader (1st ed) days (although I built a grav tank when they first came out in the late 90s) so am looking forward to it all. I'm far too busy to play at any clubs for a number of months yet so this will be a slow acquisition.

Phew. Long post. Hope that's caught you all up. Updates will come as I'm able in between coursework.

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