Thursday, 25 February 2016

Dettol : a thrifty wargames best friend

Stripping paint off miniatures has been something I've done a lot of over the years. It was easier "back in the day" when most models were metal as good old NitroMors would sort them right out, but these days of plastic and resin mean that it's not as useful anymore.

My previous go-to stripping medium was Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner which did the job and smelled nice. I'd not used it in a few years but found recently that it doesn't work anymore (I assume they've changed the ingredients). Therefore I've gone back to Dettol.

I tried this a couple of years ago on some resin ships for Dystopian Wars with mixed results, however recent work on my Epic acquisitions has proven it's more a question of technique.

Firstly it requires a good long soak of a day or so. Secondly don't wash with water as this makes the blistered paint all claggy and sticky making removal much harder. Thirdly using tissue to wipe the paint off is much more effective  (and less messy) than a toothbrush. Save that for getting bits out of the nooks and crannies afterwards. Fourthly after all the paint has been cleaned off another long soak in water will get rid of most of the dettol smell, something that bothered me about using it.

As you can see its doing a grand job.

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