Sunday, 11 January 2015

"Alas poor Warhammer, we knew him well ...."

Not that I should need vindication in my decisions but spotted this post on BoLS today which made some interesting reading.
The TLDR of it is that GW are apparently going to shelve a large proportion of the existing Warhammer armies make up (so your models wont be usable in 9th edition) in favour of a 6 faction set up with "limited time" model releases ie you have 6 months to buy the models before they're no longer for sale.

Now from a purely capitalist point of view this is a good idea. Most hardcore Warhammer players will have a 2000+ point army or two and will only likely pick up more models when they get re-released or make sense for their existing army. GW want you to buy as many products as possible and this mode of buying doesn't fit in with that so firstly wiping the board will mean everyone will have to buy more models, and creating scarcity will make sure that people buy those models now or loose the chance forever.

Obviously this isn't going to be a popular move and apparently even GW HQ vets are not happy with the direction change. As one who recently sold all his Warhammer items (and bloody glad I did too) I can see that this is a real make or break moment for GW and Warhammer. However bold the idea I suspect that this will fall more on the break side sadly, mostly due to far better competition for GW (Mantic, Battlefront etc etc) and also their over reliance that "the fans" will see them through.

Time will tell I suppose.