Friday, 20 June 2014

o.O oooh yeaaaah... this place

So... yeah.. ok well I'll save the "I forgot about this place" speech for some other day and crack on with the news. Fast forward almost a year. I've not played any wargames in a considerable length of time. I played some Dystopian Wars but found that I simply didn't have any spare time to go to my local club to play.
I sold off those minis. Got into Magic The Gathering for a bit at work but that seems to have petered out for now.

Why'd I come back? Well I've recently become a dad (my boy Joel is currently 5 weeks old) and its got me thinking about the future and how I'd like him to play games with me (assuming he's into that of course). Long story short I thought about Blood Bowl again and also the Warhammer Empire Army I have waiting to be finished. So I decided to have a look at both these for future use. 

Sure Joel isn't going to be ready for these for several years yet, but its something to think about for now. 

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