Sunday, 29 June 2014

Warhammer 9th Edition?

Well seems I'm the last to hear about this (given other life priorities I'm not surprised) but there is one (or possibly several) rumours that Warhammer Fantasy will get a new Edition  this summer.

The timing would make sense as 8th came out in 2010 and 7th about 2006 if memory serves. The rumours appear to have come from the ever popular Faint 212 which did a reasonable job for the 2012 40k release. However my contacts have since informed me that GW actively participate in rumour mongering themselves using several accounts. This is how they double - bluffed us with the 40k leak back in 2011 (which apparently was the genuine thing lost on a memory stick on London transport - which as a security analyst makes me very queezy).

The summing up of the rumours (again as far as I can tell) are :

- due for release thus summer. Some say after Bretonian Army Book.

- boxed set of Bretonian vs Orks due Autumn (very much like 5th edition).

- Rules will be completely changed to be more 40k like, incorporating many of its nuances.

While the first 2 are entirely plausible the 3rd I find highly dubious. As has been mentioned by others 40k has no model facing whereas in Fantasy this plays a huge part in the game. Additionally I find this mostly bollocks as I seem to recall this rumor being released before with previous editions. While GW does indeed appear to be shaking things up a bit (White Dwarf and general douchbaggery) I don't think they'd change things so much as to put off existing players.

The reason for this thinking is that the majority of new players to Warhammer Fantasy are introduced by existing players and passing them off is not the smartest move. I've been wrong before and indeed if it was due for release thus summer I would have expected the hype to have begun ramping up by now.

We will see. Certainly if the rules were to change that much I'd stick to 8th and tell them to jog on.

Edit : for the full skinny you can see BOLS summing up here  which generates some interesting new conclusions especially if they're dragging the main time frame forwards. Should be interesting.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Back on the wagon

Finally picked up where I left off with the Warhammer Empire army. It was a bit of a challenge as I wasn't sure where I stopped!
Turns out my Hand gunners were in mid paint so finished the white on them. Had to stop there partially due to crying baby and partly due to hand cramp. Obviously not used those hand muscles in a while.

Friday, 20 June 2014

o.O oooh yeaaaah... this place

So... yeah.. ok well I'll save the "I forgot about this place" speech for some other day and crack on with the news. Fast forward almost a year. I've not played any wargames in a considerable length of time. I played some Dystopian Wars but found that I simply didn't have any spare time to go to my local club to play.
I sold off those minis. Got into Magic The Gathering for a bit at work but that seems to have petered out for now.

Why'd I come back? Well I've recently become a dad (my boy Joel is currently 5 weeks old) and its got me thinking about the future and how I'd like him to play games with me (assuming he's into that of course). Long story short I thought about Blood Bowl again and also the Warhammer Empire Army I have waiting to be finished. So I decided to have a look at both these for future use. 

Sure Joel isn't going to be ready for these for several years yet, but its something to think about for now.