Saturday, 27 July 2013

"Forward my purple headed legions!"

In reference to the title this was something I recall an old Uni buddy saying to his models (and yes he had painted the helmets purple)

An odd beginning to a post so maybe I should begin again. 40k is dead. It is no more. It has ceased to be ... or at least it has ceased to exist in my collection. I have effectively sold off all my 40k models (mostly Blood Angels). This was via a combination of people from club and ebay. What I hadn't twigged when I started was how much this would generate. Put it this way I've sold of most of my stuff (including rulebooks) but not all and I've come out of it about £300+. This proves a couple of things. Firstly GW stuff is way overpriced if people are prepared to pay this much for 2nd hand stuff. Secondly I'm better off out of a game system that is far too expensive to manage on a meagre disposable income (ie none really).

Anyway I've agreed with the wife that this is now my wargaming fund and all future purchases will come out of this. I've already ordered Dystopian Wars rulebook and a Russian Coalition starter set but I'm already eyeing up more. Unfortunately these other bits aren't being release for another month but at least that gives me time to sort the starter set out. I also plan to get into (technically back into) Warmachine with picking up a Convergence of Cyriss starter set next week.

This all may be slowed by the fact we are moving again in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully that should be the last for a few years and I may get a semi dedicated man room out of it :D

So do I feel sad about dropping 40K? Not really. I still like the premise of the background and the models are generally quite good, however GWs attitude recently as well as its insistence that "Finecast" is in the best interest of the customers, leads me to suspect they are now lost to their shareholders and I am better off without them.
Having said this I still have my Warhammer Empire army and will keep hold of that for the meantime. I don't intend to add to it (well at least not anything bought new, ebay may be doable) but this is mostly due to the lack of anything similar from other manufacturers. Mind you I haven't played a game of Fantasy in over a year now so this may end up going too.

Friday, 19 July 2013

New Avenues

Just a quick update (yes I know its been a while). I've not played anything game related for quite a while and thats partly due to available time and partly due to still feeling despondent with 40k.

Anyway long story short, I've decided to quit Warhammer 40K and have already started selling my collection. I realise this goes against things I have said in the past, but I honestly can't say I want to play the game again so theres little point in keeping the models.

The good news is that the money is being reinvested in other games. I've already orderd some Dystopian Wars models and plan to have a go at a few other systems too.
I'm still planning on playing Warhammer Fantasy, partly as theres no real alternative at the moment.