Monday, 13 May 2013


Well I've started regularly attending my local club again. I didn't stop due to a fall out or anything, but more I currently live a fair distance from town and buses at that time of night either means I try to squeeze a game into 2 hours dead or hang around til 11:30pm for the last bus home. I was waiting until we move closer to attend regularly but I've been informed that if regulars don't start returning the club may close, which would be a disaster as its the only club in Inverness. 

Anyway I popped along last week with no game planned or prepared. I was initially going to just hang out, chat and observe, but I'd barely walked in the door before a friend invited me to play Level 7 (Privateer Press). 

Long story short I quite liked it. More importantly it brought back how much I like playing other Tabletop games, as well as wargames. 

I did spend a while wandering round the other tables, but interestingly I found the idea of playing 40k a bit dull after playing Level 7. Why? What was so different?  

To answer this I had to do a lot of thinking over the last few days. I think the conclusion I came to is that the board game was light, fun with multiple people and had a co-op flavour to it. Compared to this I find 40k games a numbers-fest; having to remember stats of not only your troops but your opponents too. 

While all I said before about GW is all still true; I do like the background fluff and models and to some extent the rules, but GW are rapidly galloping down Being a Dick drive and I think I've had enough of it. 

I'll still play with what I have but I don't plan on spending any more money on GW and will likely cancel my White Dwarf sub (no great loss there really). 

On the back of this I sold a couple if ForgeWorld battlesuits I bought a couple of months ago and this has paid for a new board game. Details soon :)

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