Wednesday, 29 May 2013

End of the Road for 40K?

Well a lot has happened since my last post. I've played a few more games of Wrath of Ashardalon which has proved to be great fun. In fact so much so, my wife has agreed to come to club next week to show it off to the folks there.

40K has not fared so well. I have sold off most of my recent Tau purchases with the proceeds gone to buying an Xbox (of all things). Tonight I was trying to help out a new member of our games club with an intro into 40K. I did a terrible job.
Firstly I forgot to bring my rulebook (never a great idea when teaching someone how to play). Secondly I hadn't actually played a game in about 6 months so had pretty much forgotten most of it. I managed to confuse the new guy on several occasions by only half remembering rules or remembering previous versions of them.
 We finished off the session with a quick game, which I lost spectacularly. On the traditional bus ride home I considered the evening and found that I had come to a conclusion: I don't really like playing 40K. Given the choice I think I'd rather play any other games system, including Warhammer Fantasy. Why? Its hard to say. Its not simply cos I keep loosing (or at least I hope its not). I still like the background and enjoy painting the miniatures but the game itself feels... disjointed. 6th edition is far better than its predecessors but it simply feels clunky, with way too much time spent remembering stats and trying to work out which rule covers your unique situation instead of playing the actual game.  There doesn't even feel like any great tactical bias as Warhammer Fantasy does.

In short I think I may have hit the end of the road as far as 40K and me are concerned. I've already decided never to buy any new Games Workshop products (bar the occasional paint) but now I may go so far as to never buying any more 40K at all.

Will I sell all my minis? Right now I don't think so. The main reason being is that I've done this before and sold off all my items and then spend more money building it up again at a later date. Plus I'm quite proud of the paint jobs I've done on some of my miniatures and there are still a few items to finish off.

Either way its a bit of a stark conclusion after 23 years of playing the game but its no great loss right now. I'm looking forward to playing more board games and hopefully playing some more Warmachine soon.

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