Sunday, 14 April 2013

Urban Tau and Kroot Snipers

Work is proceeding nicely on my Tau. I've decided to base the colour scheme on this urban camo scheme done by Sebastian Stuart. He's been very helpful and produced a painting guide too.
I've changed it a bit to suit my painting style and available cash. I'm still using their recommended Vallejo paints for the armour (Basalt Grey and Dark Grey) but I've gone with GWs Karak Stone for the cloth parts.
On hind sight I should have gone for the Vallejo as the Karak is a Layer paint and as such it takes two coats to get enough coverage on a black undercoat. I'm also using the "wash then highlight" method that I've mostly used over the years. I find it produces better results in the same amount of time as highlighting alone. (or maybe I'm just stuck in my ways).

I've also started assembly of the Kroot. From what I've gathered from other sites (as my codex has still yet to arrive) the Kroot now have the ability to take sniper rifles. I thought I'd show this on the models and fashion some sniper scopes. Here's the results:

I've intentionally made them all unique to show the rough and ready nature of a Kroot squad. No doubt this course of action will come back to bite me in the arse later on.

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