Monday, 8 April 2013

Enough with the whiners!

Browsing a couple of forums today and couldn't help notice an increase in the number of posts by people whining that parts of the new Tau codex (or other codices) don't match up to their ideals.

Firstly quit yer moaning. It's not as if GW, the codex writers or anyone involved owes you anything despite how ever many years you've played or however much you've spent.

Secondly things don't stay the same. Sure it plays differently and what used to work may not work now. I. The words of Clinton Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge :

"You improvise. You overcome. You adapt"

Personally part of the fun of playing 40k is finding new tactics and strategies. Sure you won't win all the time but if you're playing for that you may need an attitude (and fun) adjustment.

Quit yer moaning and enjoy the fact that your hobby game is still going strong after 25 years!

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