Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fallen Angels - A quick review

Burned through another Horus Heresy book in the last few days. Following on from the events in Descent of Angels this book follows two of the Dark Angels Astartes from the last book; Nemial and Zaphreal. (Probably spelt wrong)

This book has an interesting alternating chapter structure with one following one story and vice versa. This kept the pacing of the story interesting and rarely dull. Mike Lee does a good job in the writing but occasionally makes his scene description confusing and hard to follow.

Thoroughly enjoyed it tho and I hope there's more to come in this mini story arc.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Urban Tau and Kroot Snipers

Work is proceeding nicely on my Tau. I've decided to base the colour scheme on this urban camo scheme done by Sebastian Stuart. He's been very helpful and produced a painting guide too.
I've changed it a bit to suit my painting style and available cash. I'm still using their recommended Vallejo paints for the armour (Basalt Grey and Dark Grey) but I've gone with GWs Karak Stone for the cloth parts.
On hind sight I should have gone for the Vallejo as the Karak is a Layer paint and as such it takes two coats to get enough coverage on a black undercoat. I'm also using the "wash then highlight" method that I've mostly used over the years. I find it produces better results in the same amount of time as highlighting alone. (or maybe I'm just stuck in my ways).

I've also started assembly of the Kroot. From what I've gathered from other sites (as my codex has still yet to arrive) the Kroot now have the ability to take sniper rifles. I thought I'd show this on the models and fashion some sniper scopes. Here's the results:

I've intentionally made them all unique to show the rough and ready nature of a Kroot squad. No doubt this course of action will come back to bite me in the arse later on.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tales of Heresy - a quick review

While waiting for my Tau codex to show up I picked up the Horus Heresy series from where I left it a couple of months ago, and read Tales if Heresy.

This is a collection of 7 short stories by different authors (including Dan Abnett, James Swallow, Gav Thorpe and Graham McNeill). None of the stories are connected but some build on previous HH books while others tell new stories.

While it was mostly enjoyable it felt like the tales were arranged in order of being interesting, with the last 2 stories being quite poor (in my opinion of course). It's certainly not left me feeling dark and oppressed like some others in the HH series but neither did it fill on any more on the greater story arc of the Heresy.
Admittedly it's hard to do that in short stories and, as I said some were better than others.

I think if you're bound on reading them all then it's an entertaining read for the most part, but if you're tight for cash or only want the main story arc books, you could probably skip this one.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Enough with the whiners!

Browsing a couple of forums today and couldn't help notice an increase in the number of posts by people whining that parts of the new Tau codex (or other codices) don't match up to their ideals.

Firstly quit yer moaning. It's not as if GW, the codex writers or anyone involved owes you anything despite how ever many years you've played or however much you've spent.

Secondly things don't stay the same. Sure it plays differently and what used to work may not work now. I. The words of Clinton Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge :

"You improvise. You overcome. You adapt"

Personally part of the fun of playing 40k is finding new tactics and strategies. Sure you won't win all the time but if you're playing for that you may need an attitude (and fun) adjustment.

Quit yer moaning and enjoy the fact that your hobby game is still going strong after 25 years!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Oh so many Tau

Well a lot has happened since my last post.

Yes the Tau were announced and had a lovely load of rather non de-script articles in the latest White Dwarf (including a battle report with no turn map which made it very hard to follow).
Pre-orders were opened and I decided to go with Wayland Games again, partly because of the nice 30% discount, partly because they actually answer emails unlike some other retailers and partly cos it was a slight snub at GW for their current "screw you" attitude. I pre-ordered the codex, the huge Riptide mech and a XV88 suit, paying for it from proceeds from the Ork sale I had a few weeks ago.

We then got some news that GW weren't sending out their stuff to third party retailers until a week after release, which seemed a further snub to them. However on further inspection it turns out GW just weren't prepared for demand, as they themselves said they would have trouble honouring their own pre-orders.
This is a bit odd as others have commented that Tau have always been popular (especially in the US) and that this happened on their last release. I can't remember as I only remember their first release back in 2001 but it may be a case of GW fiddling the numbers to create demand <sigh>.

Either way I'm happy to wait for now. The codex would be handy but its not a biggie.

I took some time off work over Easter and visited Aberdeen with the missus. I was planning to pick up some paints and maybe a Fire Warrior set from GW, however we popped into Hobbycraft (which I was sure had gone bust) to look at cake things and I spotted they still had a model section, they still sold GW stuff and it was still discounted. I was going to get the FireWarriors there but then spotted they had the Battleforce set.
After much umming and ahhing (and a discussion with the wife) we decided that buying the battleforce set made more economic sense in the long run however, due to the price, I agreed not to purchase any new GW stuff until October. I figured this would work as it would force me to concentrate to build and paint what I already had.

So I've already begun work on the set, with the Fire Warriors now being built and awaiting undercoating. I'm
trying a new method of building this time round. For the last 20 odd years I've always built the models on the base, sand based it, then undercoated it. Which this has the effect of having the models slightly sunk into the ground it seems to work quite well, however I noticed others do it differently. So this time I'm building the models sans-base and sand basing and painting the base separately. I'm not sure if this is better or worse at this stage but we will see.

Also mini crisis as I lost the last aerial for my Tau squad leader (Shas'ui) so had to fashion a replacement from plasticard. Fun times.