Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Whispers in the dark

Ok a melodramatic title, but I'm ill and can't think straight!

Reading various posts on BOLS and Warseer there is good evidence that an updated Tau codex should be released in the next month or two. For those not in the know, this is a much sought after update as the Tau didn't even get a codex for the last version of the game and they've been using a 4th edition codex printed in 2005!

Feel free to read the posts yourselves but I find the interesting bits as follows :

- New Battlesuit models with more poses (cos the current ones require a lot of conversion to look right).
- Kroot get +6 save automatically with the option for +5 (Finally a better reason to take them)
- A new Tau flyer which is a transport. (I suspect a more mobile version of the Devilfish)
- A Tau DreadKnight sized Mech ^_^

Interestingly I just spotted this post on Warseer saying that the Tau codex has been pulled from retailers lists which usually indicates an imminent release.

So looks like I wont have to wait too long. I thought its not worth buying a battleforce for the older battlesuit when the new one is just round the corner. Sure it may mean the usual GW micro price hike but it may be worth it.

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