Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Internet is made of cats.

And dodgy Games Workshop traders as well it appears.

I had an email several months ago from a new company called Mythreal. I thought nothing of it and filed the email under B-I-N (trash for the American readers). Anyway with my new found "fortune" (ie proceeds from sale of Orks) I spied that they had a 30% sale on.

 "Ah ha!" thinks I. "This would be a good opportunity to purchase a Tau battleforce." I have a look at their site and immediately think "I've been here before". On closer inspection the layout is exactly the same as TotalWargamers (a company I have mixed feelings about). An even closer inspection of the contact details reveals it is indeed the same company as the address and even the phone number are the same.

Unfortunately I appear to have forgotten my previous dealings with them (with a StormTalon that failed to turn up and a refund that took weeks to sort out) and I ordered the set anyway.

After 13 days of the order not moving from the status of "Processed" I lost patience and cancelled my order (to which they appeared to reply fairly quickly).
I suspect the problem with Mythreal/TotalWargamer and other similar companies is that they treat GW as their stockroom and only appear to order things when someone makes an order on their site. This leads to huge delays and a poor customer experience. There is only so much a 30% discount can countermand.

I'm encouraged by companies like Wayland Games who appear to actually have a physical stockroom and even a live stock count on their website, so I may order from them next time. HOWEVER, I've decided to wait for a while before ordering. This is for 2 reasons. :
1.) I have some Tau which I'm still trying to convert (more on that later) and
2.) The rumour mill has been going nuts about the new Tau codex (see next post).
Stay tuned.

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