Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tau's it going?

Well a fair bits happened since my last post.

Upon looking at my Ork army I figured I just didn't have the desire to paint and play with it. While modelling an Ork army is great fun (with the many conversion options it gives) I find painting it more of a chore as its an army of individuals that really needs individual paint jobs for each item, and simply put I couldn't be arsed.

So it all sold on Ebay this week and is currently winging its way to new owners.

In its place I'm going to continue the Tau army I started in 2007! This has led to an odd situation. I don't have much from that army as I sold the kits long ago, but what I do have is 1 Ethereal, 1 XV88 Broadside, 1 XV8 Crisis suit, oddly 1 Kroot model, 1 Pathfinder, about 20 drones and 1 Inquisitor scale Ethereal :D

The odd situation is that I started conversions of the XV88 and the XV8 back in 2007. Now I come to look at the kits... I've no idea what I had in mind back then o.O
So I'm essentially having to make it up as I go along.

I've also been inspired by some info on Battlesuit conversions by this website :

We will see what becomes of it.

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