Saturday, 23 March 2013

Further GW thoughts

I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I've been thinking a lot about the situation since my last post and I'm torn as to what to do.

The basic point is GW's continuing crap stance against the world has made me quite annoyed with them and I'd rather not encourage such behaviour.

So What's the best response? Drop GW?
Well this is the obvious answer but it has its pitfalls. Firstly I've been playing GW games on and off for about 24 years and I've grown rather fond of the universe it's set in. Secondly I have a large number of models in my collection so I will not stop playing the games (at least for now). Thirdly I was quite looking forward to the tau release however I really don't want to pay full GW price for it so I may let it slide

So maybe I need to start playing a new game. This is where I've gotten stuck. With any new game the problem is always : who can I play against? These days different systems seem to be quite well done and popular so there are a number to choose from.

 Here are the ones I'm currently considering:

Warmachine - Quite popular and I have played a game of it before BUT I can't say I enjoyed it that much. Maybe that was cos I was being bombarded by rules, but the background doesn't really grab my interest either. Plus the costs aren't much cheaper than GW which also puts me off.

Dystopian Wars - small scale steampunk game by Spartan Games. Looks quite fun and I like the background, however the model design is a bit hit and miss. Some I really like and others I hate (the St Pauls dome on the Britannia Mega tank really doesn't do it for me, mind you it may be a case of disgust turns to appreciation ). Others at the club have expressed an interest and its fairly cheap.

Dystopian Legions - 32mm scale in the same universe as above. Again like it and like the models too, but it feels a bit unfinished. It came out last year but doesn't appear to have a rulebook you can buy which is a bit odd.

Firestorm Armada - yet again from Spartan Games, this is pure space battles. I like the premise and some if the models look great but the game itself feels a little bland and seems to lack any depth. Rules are free tho

Planetfall - small scale land combat in the Firestorm universe. Models look fantastic. Rules are also free, however it looks like its just being launched so its a bit unsure if its worth investing in or not.

Others I've looked at but don't interest me are Infinity, Malifaux, Mercs and Dust.

I'm currently trying to see who at my local club is interested, which will ultimately be the deciding factor. We will see.

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