Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dammit Meathead!

... to quote Dirty Harry.

More musings today as I was cleaning up some Veteran Vanguard and browsing the Internet for more games.

The bottom line is : I like GW products. I may not like GWs global attitude right now but no other gaming system comes close for me. I'd like to try other systems but when you're married and/or are on a budget playing two (or if you count WHFB three) systems just isn't possible with any kind of persistence. I'd rather put my money towards something I know I'll play rather than something I might play even if that money doesn't gets as much as it used to.

Therefore it looks like I'm GWs bitch for now :(

(My opinion seems to change hourly on this as you might have guessed. I'll shut up for now )

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