Monday, 18 March 2013

Battlesuit Bedlam

Over the weekend I did a bit more model making (mostly due to waiting for my PC to do things).

First off I managed to convert the arms of my Broadside. Originally I had envisaged the suit holding a dual Railgun much like a soldier holds a gatling gun, however after carefully removing both the forearms from the L shaped original position I discovered that the bulk of the suits chest simply doesn't allow this in any convincing pose.

So I thought rather than waste the work I'd done on the arms, I'd reposition them to be fist down. This allows for a more streamlined look than the current pose allows. I pinned both the joins as they would be carrying some weight with the white metal rail guns.

I've also had to pin the underside of the arm to join to the gun itself. Whether this works or not remains to be seen.

I also took some time to correct a 2nd hand Forgeworld XV9 suit I obtained from eBay. It came with one foot broken and a terrible pose. On closer inspection I found very little cleaning had been done on the model so removed some of the larger mold lines and flash. Correcting the pose proved harder than I thought as removing superglue from Forgeworld resin is quite hard. I tried freezing the model and thawing but this seemed to do nothing. I then tried hot water which kind of softened one of the knee joints but that was it.
I finally tried a small amount of superglue remover. This was not a particularly good idea as it appeared to slightly melt the plastic. In the process of teasing the joints I managed to break the shoulder and the elbow joint. This wasn't a total disaster as with a bit of pinning and plastic rod I was able to re-pose the model to a better look. I also pinned the broken foot (which was a botched repair job that wasn't mentioned in the ebay ad... <sigh>)

I still have another 2 XV9 kits to make up but I'm holding off until the new codex arrives as I may sell them on again.

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