Saturday, 16 February 2013

FFS Games Workshop!

Well another year is upon us and GW have just dropped the bomb that thanks to the new Death from the Skies book, every Space Marine chapter can now field a StormRaven. ¬_¬

This pisses me off. The reason? I went with Blood Angels, not because its my favourite chapter but because they had some interesting kit including the Stormraven. It was what differentiated them on the battlefield (in my eyes at any rate). Now with this new book... Kinda makes me wish I hadn't bothered.

True in the last 3 months I have painted exactly 0 models or played any GW games. Maybe I've hit army atrophy and I need to switch armies or something... Actually that may not be a bad idea. I've been mulling over starting Tau again especially as their new codex is undoubtedly on the way in the next few months.

So may be selling my kit. Ebay here we come :D

Edit : Later that evening ....

Ok maybe a slight over reaction and maybe selling all my Blood Angels isn't such a smart move. Apart from the hassle, I tried to make myself a promise that I wouldn't sell my minis as I inevitably end up buying them again a few years down the line.
Maybe I'll just sell the odd bits I know Im not going to use. Maybe I'll finish painting my Warhammer Empire army. Maybe I'll paint any of my Ork army. Maybe I'll just shut up now :P

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