Saturday, 15 December 2012

Warmachine : Its alright

Well a lot has happened since my last post. I've moved, bought a car (for the missus) and am now super poor. On the plus side I managed to get a game of Warmachine the other week. Finally used the models I bought in 2003.

Overall impression? Its ok. Its not amazing and I know little to none of the background so that didn't help. It kinda reminds me of how 40K was back in 1st edition with keeping track of vehicle damage etc.
To be honest I didn't take much in as I was quite tired from work and its not easy absorbing new rules in that state.

I've not been doing much painting at the mo, mostly due to all my paints etc being packed away. I was starting to paint some more Warhammer Empire before we moved.

Oh and had a surprising result from GW. Sent back some Vanguard Vets about 6 weeks ago as they were hideously deformed "Finecast". Anyway didn't hear much from them after 2 weeks to emailed them and they replied that they'd got no record of receiving them but sent me a new set anyway :) The downside is that the replacement was only a mild improvement but could be worse.

No plans to get a game before the new year. Too many things on (plus I started playing Eve Online again which takes up some time :D)

Looks like the Intermittent in Intermittent Wargammer is back ;)

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