Thursday, 6 September 2012

Stormraven Building

[Note I wrote this post over a week ago but for some reason forgot to post it, so here it is]

Played another game last Wednesday with the very nice James from Ireland, but got another complete whooping. This was even more complete than last time with barely one unit remaining after 3 turns and me only taking out one unit of Dark Eldar ... somethings (still no idea about armies I've never played with).

James was an awesome guy to play against and he offered some advice on my army composition after the game (he seems to have played with every army). He said I was still lacking any anti-armour weaponry. I thought I may have solved this with the Whirlwind I deployed this time (cunningly using the painted old missile part from the kit I've been bashing, with the body from my Razorback). However I was wrong as I completely forgot that the Whirlwind is more anti-troop rather than anti-tank.

With this is mind I would eventually like to get some Baal Predators but with funds currently being low thats not an option for now. James suggested a Cyclone Missile Launcher on a Terminator, which is a cheap idea. Previously I'd only seen these on eBay for £8+ but found and got one the other day for just £2! so that should help.

SOOOOo with all that in mind I thought it was time to start the Stormraven I got 6 weeks ago. One of the first things I discovered is that, for Games Workshop, this is a complicated kit. Its much more complicated if (like me) you want to paint things like the interior and magnetise the weapon choices. This has led to some creative use of magnets and painting things before assembly. I'd say I'm currently about halfway through making it (with a deadline of a week Wednesday to get it done by). Its certainly a good kit and I wonder if I didn't have a deadline I could really go to town on this model, but in the end, while I have pride of work I'd much rather have it done to be played with. (so far my mantra of "only play with what you've painted" is mostly working)

I'm still waiting on my very cheap scouts (with sniper rifles) that I ordered from Maelstrom Games a couple of weeks ago. Note I'm now refusing to order from Total Wargamer any more after a saga involving a missing StromTalon, a 6 week wait and a lot of wasted emails and phone calls. Luckily I discovered that Blood Angels can't field one of these flyers so in the end I cancelled the order and got refunded postage.

I also painted the unit of 10 assault troops I got 2nd hand off eBay. I don't think I'll buy 2nd hand like that again as they were a real pain in the arse to work with. Plus as I've found, 10 assault troops don't really make that much difference. You would need to have nearly your entire army as assault for them to be viable I think.

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