Thursday, 27 September 2012

Post match thoughts

After my game last night, I've thought a bit more a out my options. One thing that was glaringly obvious is my lack of a way to get my troops to where they need to be without getting shot to pieces.

6th edition is definitely more shooty than its predecessors and the Blood Angels strengths still lie in close combat. Therefore the main focus is how to get the troops into position safely. The obvious answer is transports and I've been working on this. The downside to this in 6th is that troops cannot assault from dusbarking a Rhino anymore. This means the only options for this are Land Raiders and Stormravens. With both of these being rather expensive (both money and points wise) I'm beginning to wonder if there's another option: distraction.

I didn't arrive at this view all by myself but with the aid of John from the club. I was reminded that in most if my games, my Death Company was usually the target of much fire and attention, as they tried to get into charge range. I began to wonder if there is a other unit I could use to worry the enemy and make them focus on them rather than my assault units.
John from the club reminded me that u still had no Baal Predators. For Blood Angels these are cheap, fast and with rending on the Assault Cannons, quite versatile. At 115 points for a basic unit you can field 2 of these for every Land Raider. Admittedly they are less well protected than a LR but you get 2. That's 2 targets and 2 ways to distract and harass the enemy.

Anyway this is my current plan. I also need to finish building my magnetised Furioso Dreadnought and start my Sanguinary Guard.

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