Thursday, 6 September 2012

Flyers are fun!

Played a 1200 point game last night and got to try out my Stormraven (fully built and mostly painted but needs some hyper detailing work and fine painting).

I was playing Paul with his never been tested Eldar army which he's currently building. Things started off well with my terminators advancing and holding their own and my Razorback (now with assault cannon borrowed from my Land Raider) having fun with with his ... something canons (I can barely remember my own stuff let alone someone else's!)

Things seemed to go even better for me when my Stormraven appeared and put the boot in, but its at this point things seemed to go wrong in terms of our interpretation of the rules. I was under the impression that the Blood<something> missiles on the Stormraven were a blast template weapon... when they're not. We only discovered this 2 turns later when we realised that instead of wiping out a whole unit of Screaming Banshees, I should have killed just one!
Oops. Paul was very good about it all and we agreed to keep playing.

In the end I discovered that the Spirit walker things are quite hard to kill being monstrous creatures with a Toughness of 8! This meant that my Death Company was stuck in combat flailing against it uselessly (as the one powerfist got killed in the first strike).

Still it was quite handy. I had to leave to catch the bus home so we ended at the end of turn 4. Technically even with not counting the banshees, I won by 3 VPs to 2 but it was a game full of not really knowing our armies.

I do quite like the Eldar army and I discovered today that the bits and bobs I have for Eldar amount to more points than what I do for Tau (the choice was between the two for an allied army). Oddly this is despite having more models for Tau.

Also Maelstrom games also taking 4 weeks to deliver one box of scouts so I cancelled the order as well as a new one I made for a Baal Predator. Whether they return my money or not is another matter as they said they've done so but I've not seen it come back into my account.
So with that in mind Im likely to invest in some Eldar stuff.

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