Thursday, 27 September 2012

Post match thoughts

After my game last night, I've thought a bit more a out my options. One thing that was glaringly obvious is my lack of a way to get my troops to where they need to be without getting shot to pieces.

6th edition is definitely more shooty than its predecessors and the Blood Angels strengths still lie in close combat. Therefore the main focus is how to get the troops into position safely. The obvious answer is transports and I've been working on this. The downside to this in 6th is that troops cannot assault from dusbarking a Rhino anymore. This means the only options for this are Land Raiders and Stormravens. With both of these being rather expensive (both money and points wise) I'm beginning to wonder if there's another option: distraction.

I didn't arrive at this view all by myself but with the aid of John from the club. I was reminded that in most if my games, my Death Company was usually the target of much fire and attention, as they tried to get into charge range. I began to wonder if there is a other unit I could use to worry the enemy and make them focus on them rather than my assault units.
John from the club reminded me that u still had no Baal Predators. For Blood Angels these are cheap, fast and with rending on the Assault Cannons, quite versatile. At 115 points for a basic unit you can field 2 of these for every Land Raider. Admittedly they are less well protected than a LR but you get 2. That's 2 targets and 2 ways to distract and harass the enemy.

Anyway this is my current plan. I also need to finish building my magnetised Furioso Dreadnought and start my Sanguinary Guard.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Best Laid Plans ...

Managed to get a game tonight of 2000 pts worth of 40k. To be honest I kinda threw a list together at the last minute and it was mostly all I had assembled and painted.

Stephen fielded a vast array of Imperial Guard against me and I was indeed greatly out numbered. Thanks to John, I had fielded most of my army to one side (furthest away from Stephens tanks) and also my Death Company in my Stormraven.
To cut a long story short, I forgot that this game was based on objectives rather than kill points and should have focused on that rather than trying to take units out.

The trouble currently is that my games are all rushed due to catching the bus home. I now have a job and hope to be moving soonish so this will eventually fix this problem but it means that I don't really have time for games right now.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The grass is always greener

Or at least more appealing. I've been looking at allies for my Blood Angels recently. I guess it's down to that whole "oooh shiny" approach to things where new stuff always looks nicer. I did pick up an Eldar Codex from eBay to see what my options are, however I think it's more likely that I would use this to start a new army some day, as I suspect the points would be better spent on more Blood Angels.

On a similar theme I re-discovered my stash of Orks that I've had for about 3 years. I totalled up the points and I have about 750, in an unpainted state. Not bad. I think I still have the codex for it but it's packed away in storage until we move (hopefully soon now I have a job). So I think it would be best to concentrate on this for an alt army. It's not ideal as they are a close combat army much like the Blood Angels but with more bodies and less armour. Still I've always liked the custom and conversion aspect of creating an ork army, and my best successes were with Orks in 3rd edition. Mind you in those games it wasn't so much tactical genius as "how many Orks can we get into close combat as soon as possible?"

Still with the new flyers it could be interesting. I still like the look of Necrons and miss my BattleFleet Gothic Necron fleet. Yes they are a bit overpowered in 6th edition and everyone and their dog seems to be fielding some but the fluff is quite fun. Same with Tau, although they desperately need a new codex. I doubt I will collecting a new army for quite some time tho, due to finance etc.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Flyers are fun!

Played a 1200 point game last night and got to try out my Stormraven (fully built and mostly painted but needs some hyper detailing work and fine painting).

I was playing Paul with his never been tested Eldar army which he's currently building. Things started off well with my terminators advancing and holding their own and my Razorback (now with assault cannon borrowed from my Land Raider) having fun with with his ... something canons (I can barely remember my own stuff let alone someone else's!)

Things seemed to go even better for me when my Stormraven appeared and put the boot in, but its at this point things seemed to go wrong in terms of our interpretation of the rules. I was under the impression that the Blood<something> missiles on the Stormraven were a blast template weapon... when they're not. We only discovered this 2 turns later when we realised that instead of wiping out a whole unit of Screaming Banshees, I should have killed just one!
Oops. Paul was very good about it all and we agreed to keep playing.

In the end I discovered that the Spirit walker things are quite hard to kill being monstrous creatures with a Toughness of 8! This meant that my Death Company was stuck in combat flailing against it uselessly (as the one powerfist got killed in the first strike).

Still it was quite handy. I had to leave to catch the bus home so we ended at the end of turn 4. Technically even with not counting the banshees, I won by 3 VPs to 2 but it was a game full of not really knowing our armies.

I do quite like the Eldar army and I discovered today that the bits and bobs I have for Eldar amount to more points than what I do for Tau (the choice was between the two for an allied army). Oddly this is despite having more models for Tau.

Also Maelstrom games also taking 4 weeks to deliver one box of scouts so I cancelled the order as well as a new one I made for a Baal Predator. Whether they return my money or not is another matter as they said they've done so but I've not seen it come back into my account.
So with that in mind Im likely to invest in some Eldar stuff.

Stormraven Building

[Note I wrote this post over a week ago but for some reason forgot to post it, so here it is]

Played another game last Wednesday with the very nice James from Ireland, but got another complete whooping. This was even more complete than last time with barely one unit remaining after 3 turns and me only taking out one unit of Dark Eldar ... somethings (still no idea about armies I've never played with).

James was an awesome guy to play against and he offered some advice on my army composition after the game (he seems to have played with every army). He said I was still lacking any anti-armour weaponry. I thought I may have solved this with the Whirlwind I deployed this time (cunningly using the painted old missile part from the kit I've been bashing, with the body from my Razorback). However I was wrong as I completely forgot that the Whirlwind is more anti-troop rather than anti-tank.

With this is mind I would eventually like to get some Baal Predators but with funds currently being low thats not an option for now. James suggested a Cyclone Missile Launcher on a Terminator, which is a cheap idea. Previously I'd only seen these on eBay for £8+ but found and got one the other day for just £2! so that should help.

SOOOOo with all that in mind I thought it was time to start the Stormraven I got 6 weeks ago. One of the first things I discovered is that, for Games Workshop, this is a complicated kit. Its much more complicated if (like me) you want to paint things like the interior and magnetise the weapon choices. This has led to some creative use of magnets and painting things before assembly. I'd say I'm currently about halfway through making it (with a deadline of a week Wednesday to get it done by). Its certainly a good kit and I wonder if I didn't have a deadline I could really go to town on this model, but in the end, while I have pride of work I'd much rather have it done to be played with. (so far my mantra of "only play with what you've painted" is mostly working)

I'm still waiting on my very cheap scouts (with sniper rifles) that I ordered from Maelstrom Games a couple of weeks ago. Note I'm now refusing to order from Total Wargamer any more after a saga involving a missing StromTalon, a 6 week wait and a lot of wasted emails and phone calls. Luckily I discovered that Blood Angels can't field one of these flyers so in the end I cancelled the order and got refunded postage.

I also painted the unit of 10 assault troops I got 2nd hand off eBay. I don't think I'll buy 2nd hand like that again as they were a real pain in the arse to work with. Plus as I've found, 10 assault troops don't really make that much difference. You would need to have nearly your entire army as assault for them to be viable I think.