Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well and truly spanked

Well my first game of Warhammer 40,000 could have gone a little better. In fact it could have gone a lot better.

I was playing John (from my local club) at 1000 pts of the new 6th edition. He took Necrons and I took my Blood Angels.

Essentially I made some terrible tactical decisions that effected the whole game. Firstly I decided to Deep Strike both my Terminators and my Death Company. John later said to me that in small games this is pointless as it means the opponent can concentrate their fire on the remaining units.... which he did.

Secondly I failed to move my bikers in the first turn. This was mostly due to me trying to be clever a la my Fantasy game a few weeks ago. Sadly this didn't work here and the bikers were shot to pieces before I got anywhere.

The game ended with every one of my units dead and only a few models of Johns dead (I killed one unit and merely damaged others).

There were some funny moments, such as my Death Company completely failing to charge into combat TWICE even tho the enemy was only 4" away!

Some good lessons learned and it was great to get to grips with the new rules. I look forward to more games.

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