Monday, 2 July 2012

I stand corrected

It would appear that demand for the collectors edition of 6th ed Warhammer 40k is quite high. I base this on the number of collectors editions being sold on eBay right now. Some are going for over £300 but I noticed that these are ones shipping worldwide so I'm guessing it's the American market buying this.
Seeing as they cost £80 to buy its not a bad return. If I'd thought about it more i could have done the same but I was sure that they wouldn't be so much in demand due to my experience with the fantasy version.

I'm guessing this will not last and in 6 months time you won't be able to sell one for more than £50.

Am I tempted to flog my gamers edition? Not really. I quite like the look of it and it's something I want to own. Besides I've still not received it yet which is a little annoying. I'll be camped out by the letterbox most of today :)

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