Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Double vision

Played a doubles game tonight. 2000pts (1000 a piece) of 6th ed 40k.
It was nearly a 3 player game as we were shy on a 4th player, but then a young un came in with 500 of borrowed Tau so it was ok.
It quickly became apparent that the 12 year old didn't really know the rules for the Tau. This was complicated by the fact he only had a 3rd edition Codex with him. Still we soldiered on with us trying to encourage him along.

My dreadnought was once again killed before it even fired a shot. My death company also failed to get into combat and were killed when the unit they were just about to assault, failed a panic test and fell back, leaving the DCs open to be shot to pieces (by an impressive 90 shots).

By this point the young un had lost interest in the game and was flicking through the new rulebook. We managed to get him to roll dice when he needed to but it made the game drag on too long. We'd only just got to the end of turn 2 when I had to leave to catch my bus home. (2.5 hours play time).

Bit of a shame really. I feel a mixture of thoughts about younger players. Club rules state that they should be helped and encouraged and I agree with that but it's difficult when they're not responsive to how club gaming works (ie arranging games prior to turning up, making an army list, actively taking part in the whole game). In this instance it kinda feels like his mum is dumping him here as a sitting service. While I have no doubt he likes the models and the background, he doesn't have presence of mind to carry a game off (maybe its too much for a 12 year old?)

Anyway I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to finish the game properly (as far as I know it's still going on) but it's ok :) Have discovered that Marine Scout snipers are badass. Watching a unit take out a Dark Eldar transport in the first turn was quite impressive.

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