Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Double vision

Played a doubles game tonight. 2000pts (1000 a piece) of 6th ed 40k.
It was nearly a 3 player game as we were shy on a 4th player, but then a young un came in with 500 of borrowed Tau so it was ok.
It quickly became apparent that the 12 year old didn't really know the rules for the Tau. This was complicated by the fact he only had a 3rd edition Codex with him. Still we soldiered on with us trying to encourage him along.

My dreadnought was once again killed before it even fired a shot. My death company also failed to get into combat and were killed when the unit they were just about to assault, failed a panic test and fell back, leaving the DCs open to be shot to pieces (by an impressive 90 shots).

By this point the young un had lost interest in the game and was flicking through the new rulebook. We managed to get him to roll dice when he needed to but it made the game drag on too long. We'd only just got to the end of turn 2 when I had to leave to catch my bus home. (2.5 hours play time).

Bit of a shame really. I feel a mixture of thoughts about younger players. Club rules state that they should be helped and encouraged and I agree with that but it's difficult when they're not responsive to how club gaming works (ie arranging games prior to turning up, making an army list, actively taking part in the whole game). In this instance it kinda feels like his mum is dumping him here as a sitting service. While I have no doubt he likes the models and the background, he doesn't have presence of mind to carry a game off (maybe its too much for a 12 year old?)

Anyway I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to finish the game properly (as far as I know it's still going on) but it's ok :) Have discovered that Marine Scout snipers are badass. Watching a unit take out a Dark Eldar transport in the first turn was quite impressive.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Crazyness of gamers.

In other news, I sold the bag and dice that came with my gamers edition of 40k. I popped it on ebay, starting at £25 with a buy it now of £90.

It sold 2 hours later to a guy in Australia. o.O

That means I now have a bit of cash to spend on my army, which is nice. So I've ordered a decent number of models (some second hand to bring the cost down) which should be here soon. In theory I should be able to field 2000 points with this new kit. Nice :)

Building the Landraider

I picked up a Landraider a couple of months ago but have not gotten around to building it yet, so I began to do so the other day. I took note from my Drop Pod building issues and decided to paint as I built with this project.

Its the first time I've built a Landraider so its a bit of a learning curve. I also had to decide which variant to build (as this was the Redeemer/Crusader set). In the end I've decided to go with the Redeemer setup. The reason for this is that, after an amount of online research, I've discovered that a Landraider is first and foremost a troop transport and a tank second. With this in mind it doesn't really matter which weapons I use. As I plan on using this to get my terminators into combat ASAP I figured large flamey cannons would be a better option than a load of bolters. The likelyhood is that it will be blown up before shooting anyway so its not a biggie.

I did attempt to see if the weapons could be magnetised but even with 2mm magnets it was exceptionally difficult. In the event I figured it wouldn't make that much difference, so I decided to go with one set up.

Issues I've run into so far are the top plate of the tank didn't fit amazingly well and the kit coming with one track section missing. Luckily I was able to sort both issues and I think it should be finished in the next day or two.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well and truly spanked

Well my first game of Warhammer 40,000 could have gone a little better. In fact it could have gone a lot better.

I was playing John (from my local club) at 1000 pts of the new 6th edition. He took Necrons and I took my Blood Angels.

Essentially I made some terrible tactical decisions that effected the whole game. Firstly I decided to Deep Strike both my Terminators and my Death Company. John later said to me that in small games this is pointless as it means the opponent can concentrate their fire on the remaining units.... which he did.

Secondly I failed to move my bikers in the first turn. This was mostly due to me trying to be clever a la my Fantasy game a few weeks ago. Sadly this didn't work here and the bikers were shot to pieces before I got anywhere.

The game ended with every one of my units dead and only a few models of Johns dead (I killed one unit and merely damaged others).

There were some funny moments, such as my Death Company completely failing to charge into combat TWICE even tho the enemy was only 4" away!

Some good lessons learned and it was great to get to grips with the new rules. I look forward to more games.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

6th edition postmortem

Well my 6th gamers edition finally arrived on the Tuesday after the Saturday release (thanks GW mail order ). There's a lot to say about this so I'll split this into 2 areas; the physical product and the actual rules.

The gamers edition came with a nice bag and some "limited edition" dice (which are red instead of black). The bag is in the style of a Cadian officers message bag and is well built, with both an imperial eagle or chaos symbol to attach to the front.
The dice come in a tin which is supposed to represent a lasgun cartridge. The effect is ok but it feels a little cheap, made from thin tin with a simple sliding plastic top. It also came with "pewter" objective dice holders, but I think painted plastic is more accurate.

The book itself is quite a tome. Size wise it's about the same as the current Warhammer fantasy book, with a page marker/tassel as well. It contains quite a lot of fluff but I was a bit disappointed to find that it tended to repeat itself, giving the impression that they were fillers to keep the page count up. I didn't find any evidence for the "leaked" idea that the Tau were recognised by the Emperor (just before fighting Horus) as being a species immune to Chaos and issued a protection order. Bit of a shame but it's ok

Now for the rules themselves. There's a lot of ranting on the net at the mo by die hard competitive gamers. They say the rules are unbalanced and too "cinematic". From my first read through it would appear they may be right BUT I don't think it matters. This edition is all about one thing ; Fun. It reminds me so much of when I used to play 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions, when it was all about the experience and less about having a clear "winner". Yes this is bound to upset people who's idea of 40k is sitting in a big hall with loads of other players with the idea to find an overall winner. That aspect of gaming has never really appealed to me and I'm glad GW have moved away from it as there was almost this undercurrent that if you didn't play competitively you were a lesser wargamer. In my opinion they can always keep playing 5th if they want to play that way.

So far I've yet to play a game myself so this opinion might change. I've a game on tomorrow so we will see.

Monday, 2 July 2012

I stand corrected

It would appear that demand for the collectors edition of 6th ed Warhammer 40k is quite high. I base this on the number of collectors editions being sold on eBay right now. Some are going for over £300 but I noticed that these are ones shipping worldwide so I'm guessing it's the American market buying this.
Seeing as they cost £80 to buy its not a bad return. If I'd thought about it more i could have done the same but I was sure that they wouldn't be so much in demand due to my experience with the fantasy version.

I'm guessing this will not last and in 6 months time you won't be able to sell one for more than £50.

Am I tempted to flog my gamers edition? Not really. I quite like the look of it and it's something I want to own. Besides I've still not received it yet which is a little annoying. I'll be camped out by the letterbox most of today :)