Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Meeting the locals

Just got back from "Da Club" - Inverness's wargames club. I mostly popped along to meet people and see some games actually played.
Interestingly I was initially going to look at the 40k games but as someone there pointed out, there's no point getting familiar with 5th edition as its due to be replaced very soon.

So with that in mind I watched a fantasy game. 1000pts of Chaos vs Wood elves. It was an interesting game, not least by the Chaos player using a lots of orc models in the place of marauders. The game itself was fairly straightforward with the Wood elves mostly shooting (as it was all archers with 2 wizards!) and the marauder horde cruising in on the side table edge as a reinforcement. Predictably Chaos won but the Elves gave them a good run for their money.

The upshot was that I got to see how 8th edition actually plays and ask lots of questions too.
I'll be back there next week. I hope to get my Empire into a gameable place by then. :)

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