Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Its a comin!

Got an email this morning saying my 6th edition has been dispatched. :D


In other news, given that 6th edition has a bigger emphasis on psykers I thought I'd better get myself a Librarian (Space Marine Psyker). I found a nice old lead miniature on eBay and picked that up.

I also noticed a number of people selling their old 5th edition rulebooks there as well. At £9 posted I still think its a bit much and will wait til they come down in price before picking one up.

Also noticed one enterprising person had put a 6th edition Collectors version on there. He stated that he had not recieved it yet (so no pictures) but would post once he got it. Asking price ? £170 plus postage. Given these were going for £80 from GW Im not sure he's gonna get many takers. Ok admittedly GW has now sold out of the Collectors and Gamers editions (leading to much moaning on Facebook, although they sold out yesterday and they've been available to pre-order since Saturday so I've no idea what these people have been waiting for!) but I think no one will want to pay out that much. I'd say £100 is possible but as I have said before, I don't rate the collectors editions. You can see plenty of 5th ed collectors going for £20 or £30 now and even the Collectors edition of Warhammer Fantasy doesn't command a good resale value (currently going for about £30 ish - When I sold mine I only made about £55-60 for it and that was only 6 months after release).

Anyway, all being told the bits and bobs being talked about already about 6th make me quite excited. I understand a number of people are getting annoyed as x and y have changed and z has been added etc and I would say that of course its going to change. What I like is that they seem to have made the game more fun to play as a hobby. This will be annoying to the tournament players who play to win, not to have fun, but nuts to them. This is how I remember the hobby when I first got involved 23+ years ago. Fun with a great story behind it.

Looking forwards to the postie coming with it :D

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