Wednesday, 20 June 2012

First game in over 10 years

Tonight I finally played a game of Warhammer Fantasy. Actually it's probably been a lot longer than 10 years since I played fantasy but it's been this long since I played a wargame.

The game itself was quite fun. I was up against Adams High Elves with 1000 points apiece in a standard battle scenario. As I set up I realised how little I could actually remember of how to play. Some of the basics were there but some were missing ( such as turn sequence!). This made it a slow game and likely quite frustrating for poor Adam.

I won't bore you with a turn by turn retelling but the upshot was I won. Apparently.

It was fun to play again but it has highlighted several things :

1- I really need to learn the rules properly.
2- My mental arithmetic sucks. I had trouble adding up 4 dice!
3- I am putting waaaaaay too much detail into my models. I noticed that when playing, you don't tend to notice that you've painted your troops eyebrows!
4- Movement trays are mandatory. Trying to move troops without one is a right pain.

Lots to think about before my next game.

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