Friday, 11 May 2012

Saga of Missing Sprays

It's been a bit quiet on the modling front this week. It's mostly been down to not having any red spray paint.
When I painted the last batch of marines, I spent a lot of time just getting the base red colour in the models. I figured a red spray would make life so much easier.

So I found a site that offered free shipping on Army Painter's Dragon Red spray paint and ordered. That was 15 days ago. I'm still waiting. I've actually submitted a claim with Paypal as the retailer doesn't even acknowledge my emails.
So anyway I ordered another can from an eBay retailer and that should be here soon.
I have not been totally idle tho and have made up the Razorback and Drop Pod kits. I've also had a lot of fun with 2mm magnets and the Death Company meaning I can now switch the backpacks for jump packs whenever I need to. £2.30 vs £18 for a new set of Death Company: I know what I'd rather spend.

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