Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Place

Well the move has gone quite well but we're now temporarily lodging with my parents while we sort out jobs and a place to live. As a consequence I'm unlikely to do as much as I hoped on the armies but that's do be expected.

In other news it appears 40k 6th Edition is imminent as GW have pulled the 5th edition rulebook from their website. Oddly there's no mention of any new 40k edition in the June White Dwarf, even with a large spread on their new 40k fliers (which I still think are a bit of a waste of time). I understand that GW have to maintain the veil of secrecy to keep their Hobbit licence (which New Line Cinema insisted on) but with no advertising for advance orders in White Dwarf it would appear its literally going to be a last minute drop.
Current prediction is that GW won't wait any longer than 30 days from pulling the 5th edition off the shelves so that would pretty much guarantee a release in June.
I'm pretty anxious to get hold of a copy ASAP so I guess I'll just have to try to remember to check the GW website often !

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