Thursday, 3 May 2012

A little protection

I'm due to move 600 miles away in about 4 weeks time so the thought of "How am I going to transport my minis?" has been on my mind for a while now. Over the course of the years I've acquired a few miniature transport systems (cases to the rest of the world) but these had dwindled down to 2. One was a Sponge Tech (or something) case I bought off someone who was importing them from the US. The other was a Crystal Caste case.
Neither cases were suitable for my current Marines setup mosly due to the fact there was no tray deep enough to fit the blinking drop pod (weighing in at an obese 4" wide). So I would have to get new trays.
For the Sponge Tech case, this was promptly shot in the foot by the fact that since the time I bought it (2002ish) the company had gone bust, and the tray size seemed to be obscure enough to prevent getting trays elsewhere. The Crystal Caste case also seemed to have a tray issue. I could get hold of new trays BUT only by importing them from the US. With customs in the UK being extra picky these past couple of years I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of waiting 4 weeks for delivery and then paying duty on top of that.

"Not a problem" says I. "I'll simply buy a new one". However buying new things involves cash, which is in short supply at the mo. So the Sponge Tech bag and trays went to eBay (and fetched a tidy £25) and I also put some motorcycle luggage on eBay too which fetched in £60. The last part came from clearing out the tank bag from my motorcycle ready for posting, only to find a birthday card from my in-laws with £20 still inside (don't you just love those finds?)
This brought the total to £105.

Now for the new case. From my limited research there seemed to be a few major brands floating round now. The most famous seems to be Battlefoam; a US based company that can custom make trays for you. Another good one was KR Multicase which seemed to have branches in the UK and US. I also found Feldherr cases, based in Germany.

Feldherr didn't have the option for custom fitted trays (to fit the shape of the drop pod and other miniatures) so I ruled them out. Also the prices seemed a little high.

Battlefoam had a great tray creator on their website where you could move shapes around and only cut holes for what you wanted. This seemed ideal but the cost was stupidly high. For a case to hold just my 40k Miniatures we were looking at £120.

Therefore KR Multicase seemed the best solution. After a LONG time (and a large headache) trying to work out which pre-designed custom trays I would need, I worked out I could get all my 40k minis into their Kaiser2 bag which would cost £83.99 (no brainer). I was torn between this one and their aluminium case which is lockable and stronger, but the extra pockets on this bag swayed it for me. Plus it has the solid card inner cases which can be swapped out easily which makes sense to me.

So long (and potentially boring) story later I put my order in this morning. I will give a full review once it arrives.

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