Saturday, 14 April 2012

Trouble with transfers

... or lack of. My Blood Angels are coming along nicely thanks to the help of some of the new GW paints, but I've run into a new problem; transfers.
I had originally intended to use transfers for the Blood Angel winged icon on their shoulder pad. I would use the dedicated blood angel shoulder pads BUT I'm painting the vanilla marines you get in the 40k game set which means you can't replace the pads.

Anyway my issue is that GW don't seem to make or sell Blood Angel transfers. Forgeworld sell an A4 sheet of them but at almost £10 I'm a little hesitant to buy them.
However I don't really have many alternatives. My painting skills aren't good enough to paint the complex BA symbol on the pads exactly the same every time and I think it looks a bit crap with dodgy symbol painting. So it looks like I have little choice.

On the plus side the new paints seem to be ok. I don't really notice the difference with the layer paints and the old paints but the new dry brush paints are pretty good.

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