Monday, 9 April 2012

Surprise finds

Whilst rummaging through my model boxes I discovered a number of items I'd forgotten I had. Chief amongst these were 5 Space Marine bikes that I'd bought on eBay years ago. I got them cheap ( like £7-8) and they were cheap because the previous owner had done a very amateurish paint job then under coated over it to sell them.
It was mostly an experiment to test a method of removing paint from plastic miniatures. I'd found out somewhere that using Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner will remove the paint and leave the models intact.
What I found was that it does indeed work but with a caveats. Firstly you need to immerse the models completely in the stuff for a day or two. Simply spraying on does not work. Secondly you need a stiff brush and a lot of elbow grease to remove the paint. The cleaner only really softens the paint and so you have to scrub to get it off.
Finally it can weaken poly cemented joins. This is no bad thing if you're going to resurrect a model but it's worth remembering.

The models I found had been mostly cleaned but some may need some more work and I'm not sure how much of the detail will come through when I undercoat them again. Given the amount of effort put into stripping the models down I suspect this isn't a sustainable way of obtaining wargames miniatures.

Oh and I also did some more work on my dreadnought. I'm really enjoying paint red for a change.

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