Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Sea of Red

Well more a puddle really.

I've now mostly finished just over half of my Blood Angels tactical squad. The bases are still unpainted as I umm and arrr about how to finish them (classic grassy/rock to offset the red or battlefield grey).
I've now started the remaining terminators and marines from the Macragge 40k boxed set. It took over 2 hours to paint the base coat of red on to the models. Hindsight says I should really invest in some Army Painter colour sprays if I'm going to do any more.
To rest my painting hand I also did some work on my resurrected bikers by drilling out the bike exhausts and scraping off yet more old paint.
I hope to get the marines and terminators done by the middle of the week and then begin on the bikers.

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