Monday, 9 April 2012

Other surprise finds

To follow up my previous post on this topic, I also found the following items the other day.
Gorka Morka Pendant

This item was from when I worked part time at the York GW store back in 1997. Gorka Morka had just been released and these pendants were painted by the store staff and given to the winners of in-house games. Gorka Morka was a sub-game by GW that had groups of Orks race round in wagons and blow each other up. It was a very handy way of building up a 40K ork force as the game had loads of Orks and vehicles for comparatively not much money.

40k Bolter Pin Badge

This item was given to those buying the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000 back in 1998. To be honest I'd forgotten I had it but I'm glad I still do. Its one of those little things that has a story. Its also from the time I last played a decent game of 40k. :)

Warhammer Online Pin Badge

I think this came from when I worked on Warhammer Online from 2002 to 2004. This was the Climax version that never got release rather than the Mythic -World of Warcraft Clone- that was released a few years later. I worked as a level designer back then making the 200 sqKM world for the game. I think I enjoyed most of it, but as is typical with good things I didn't really appreciate it at the time and mostly wasted a golden opportunity to work with GW or in games development. Either way I spent the in between years still trying to figure out what to do.. SO in a sense this item is a reminder of regret.

Inquisitor Scale Tau.. leader thing :)

I got this when I worked for Forgeworld in 2002 as an interesting painting project. Inquisitor was a side-game from GW that was kind of like a cross between 40K and a roleplaying game using 54mm scale models rather than the usual 25mm. I thought this model was interesting and would be fun to paint but the reality was that I really need to paint models Im gonna game with before new ones so this got put in a box and forgotten. I also came across an Eldar Ranger model that I didn't even make up so I might bung that on eBay :)

So anyway thats a trip down memory lane for me and a boring read for you :)

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