Friday, 20 April 2012

Intermittent is my name

Hmm the posts on this blog seem to be mostly coming in 6 day bursts. Its probably as not much is happening or I'm saving up for a multi post day (which today is likely to be).

The Blood Angels are coming along nicely, with the Dreadnought pretty much done and now 6 Marines almost complete along with 2 Terminators.
I have been experimenting with which colours to paint them with and in which order. I found a handy guide online that I based mine on, but have been swayed by GWs new paints. I have discovered my over reliance on drybrushing (so much so I've had to order more brushes!) but this has the downside of making the marines look a little chalky. I'm still working on the finesse and I suspect I'm being far too fussy for gaming minis (the wife certainly seems to think so).

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