Friday, 20 April 2012

GWs new Paints

Post 2 of my spam-a-thon.

Finally got my pre-order of GWs new paints from Total-Wargamer. Actually these are the second delivery of paints I had as after I made the initial pre-order from them I realised I needed a few more and ordered them direct from GW (as oddly it was cheaper due to free postage over £10).

My first impressions? I quite like them. I understand that GW have gone with a completely new paint manufacturer (I think it may even be Vallejio but I could be wrong) and as such all the paint names have changed as well as an addition of about 60 odd new paints. I've learned that apparently paint names are like trademarks so you won't be seeing Chaos Black any more.
As for actual use, they're pretty good. They've introduced a new system of organisation, grouping paints into Base, Layer, Dry, Shade, Texture and Glaze. I think the idea is to simplify how to paint a specific colour and the increase in available colours will help cut down mixing time to achieve shading (something I hate doing as I never get the same colour twice).

I've now tried all but the texture paints. The Base paints work in the same way as the previous Foundation paints and go well as a first coat. The layer paints seem to be standard and I see no difference in the consistency or application. The Dry paints are interesting. They're essentially heavy on the pigment and light on the liquid. The upshot is this almost paste like paint that works very well for drybrushing. As theres very little liquid I remain sceptical as to whether these just dry out within weeks or not, but from my initial use one pot could go a very long way. The Shade feels much like the previous generation of washes (a VAST improvement over the older ones). The Glaze is an odd one. I've never really used them before, even when GW produced them previously so I don't really have any base for comparison. It seems to be a wash that colours rather than shades (if that makes sense). Seems to work very well at un-chalking my chalky Blood Angels (see previous post).

The pots have had a re-design too. The look similar to the previous paints but for a large fin at the back. This is a larger and more reliable system of keeping the paint pot open when you use it. I know that its generally frowned upon to paint from the pot but I do it simply because it saves time and brushes (not to mention palette cleaning). The lids feel more secure too and I've noticed that if you close the front of the lid (as you did with the previous set) the back of the lid tends to not secure itself, which I can see will lead to dried pot syndrome some day. Easily managed by simply checking the top of the pot tho.

All in all I think its a positive step for the hobby (if a little obvious that its a big money spinner for GW).

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