Thursday, 26 April 2012

DUST and GW alternatives

I was reading a review of DUST over on Bell Of Lost Souls ( and it got me wondering about other wargames that are not GW related.

I think that there are definitely some great non-GW games out there: I own a few and have played others. This new game certainly looks good but there is always one problem with non-GW games; opponents.

With Warhammer and 40k, you're pretty much guaranteed to find someone to play with at any gaming club or store you visit. With other games your chances diminish the older the game is. Certain recent games have bucked this trend in recent years, Flames of War being one, but it's still a risk. When funds are tight do you risk a less popular game over more models from GW? Personally I wouldn't.

It's a different story if you're already gaming with a group that collectively agree to play (I remember doing Warhammer ECW when I worked in the Forgeworld warehouse which worked quite well) but if you move on you're suddenly landed with a load of dust collection devices.

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